Lifestyle Cleansing Nutritional Guide

You can create your own delicious cleansing meals. Select foods from the wide array of delicious and wholesome food choices intended to optimize the many benefits of the ReCleanse Herbal Cleanse. Each food choice has been selected for fibre content, protein content, polyunsaturated fat content, pH, glycemic index, caloric value, total fat, oxidative and antioxidant potential, and biological value. These food characteristics provide your cells and your metabolism with whole and healthy guidance, fuels and tools to do what they were designed to do – remove waste and toxicity, and build and maintain health. Foods that generally contribute to toxicity, digestive congestion and excess body fat have been eliminated from the program.

For your convenience the ReCleanse Lifestyle Cleansing Nutritional Chart has been categorized into four colour coded macronutrient lists: CARBS (low density carbs and high density carbs), PROTEIN, and FAT food sources.

Complete meal rule

A meal is not complete unless it is made up of a proper ratio of CARBS (low density carbs and high density carbs), PROTEIN and FAT food sources. The food
selections and personal servings per meal for each category are designed to create this balance.

How much do I need to eat?

To determine your daily food intake simply refer to the Lifestyle Cleansing  Nutritional Chart:

  • Select your average normal body weight.
  • Use the number of servings per meal from all four colour-coded categories as a guide to select your food choices in the corresponding Nutritional Chart.
  • Each food category in the Nutritional Chart has its own serving size per selection. Simply add the amount of servings per meal from the four food selection categories to your plate.

Daily Meal Plan

Every day for seven days

On Rising:

1 glass (250 ml) water with juice of 1/2 lemon with 2 colon cleansing formula capsules.


1 glass water with 2 Multi-Systems Cleansing Formula capsules
Complete meal*


Snack or Smoothie, drink an extra glass of water.

Before lunch

Drink a glass of water.


1 glass water
Complete meal*


Snack or Smoothie, drink an additional glass of water.

15 minutes Before dinner

Drink a glass of water* with 2 Colon Cleansing Formula capsules

Dinner (before 7 PM):

1 glass water with 2 Multi-Systems Cleansing Formula capsules.
Complete meal*

*Purified water recommended whenever possible.