Glycemic index: keep it balanced

The ReCleanse Nutritional Chart is a perfect meal-planner for anyone with a tendency for blood sugar fluctuations, prone to diabetes or looking to control or reach a healthier body weight. Our healthy, balanced food choices are lower glycemic index selections, which means blood sugar doesn’t rise rapidly upon consumption, sugar cravings will be reduced and energy will be long-lasting.

However, contrary to common belief the glycemic influence of a food is highly influenced by other nutrients in the meal so that the whole meal’s glycemic load must be considered when evaluating the health-potential of a meal.  The ReCleanse Lifestyle Cleansing Nutritional Guide is programmed so that glycemic value of a meal is supportive of overall health through better body blood sugar management, pH control, fat management and metabolism. This is achieved through the Macronutrient Balance of the meal which dictates a hormonally carried ripple effect to every cell of the body.