pH: for cleansing and good health!

Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits while reducing refined sugars and other carbs will help keep your pH balanced and your body in a more alkaline state.

Why is this so important?

Most of the activity in our body and cells tends to contribute to acidity. The body constantly strives to neutralise this tendency to keep blood pH in the healthy range. Our blood, must remain slightly alkaline (between 7.35-7.45) in order to provide the benefits of a healthy circulatory system and enzyme activity. Slight deviations of pH result in failure in the body’s detoxification systems.

By choosing to eat foods that avoid contributions to acidity we are supporting the body’s neutralisation process, by helping it stay in the healthy pH range with less work and strain. We get to feel the benefit of this support in the form of improved energy, fat management, brain acuity, skin and hair health and better immunity.


Interesting Fact

Lemon juice contains citric acid but when it is digested it becomes alkaline; so a lemon is considered an alkaline food.