Stay clean and lean

Take charge to stay clean and lean

By Franco Cavaleri BSc NB

When it comes to health and vitality it all starts with the mind; the way you think and the choices that are made from this state of mind.  Occasional spa retreats, shopping sprees or weekend getaways are just not enough to recharge the body, mind and soul.  Health must be maintained day-by-day so your occasional mental or physical getaways can serve as bonuses.

There are so many things in life that are out of our control that we must make an effort to control the things we can have some influence over.  As our lives get denser with food borne toxins, environmental oxidants, hustle and social stress our ability to tolerate poor nutrition declines.  This means we need to improve nutrient density or quality just to compensate for the way we live today.

The healthiest choices cannot be made all the time but we must strive to make the healthiest choices most of the time.  When these healthier decisions must be made, what do you base them on?  Do you have a guide or plan that leads you to your goal? And do you really know what your goal is? Forget the notion that you need to lose five pounds, two inches or build more toned muscle.  Focus on the underlying driver of these results – health.  Focus on building health and preventing interference of health.

Your body is perpetually striving to create and maintain health.  The most powerful thing you can do is to allow this natural ability to be freed of toxic interference.  In order for this to happen you need a plan; a plan that allows this genetically programmed health to surface undisturbed.

My personal rule of thumb is 70%.  That is, make seventy percent of your daily lifestyle choices healthy.  If we stick to this 70% rule, the balance of our choices generally do not have enough negative weight to pull the healthy momentum offline.  This 70% can take the form of three of the four meals each day being made from healthy choices; five of the seven days each week being healthy; three of the four weeks each month being stricter; but not all of these applied concurrently.

Weekdays are usually easier to stay with structured programs since the day tends to be more organized.  Eventually you’ll want to stay with the healthier choices all the time simply because of how they make you feel.  After choosing the 70% structure that works for you, you need to define what ‘healthy’ will be.  Don’t just wing it; that never works.  The food selections in your food guide must represent a dense source of natural fiber, detoxifying antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Low glycemic index vegetables (below 60 GI) that grow above ground often encompass most of the food properties that fit the program.  They support the goal by helping detoxify, limiting toxic contribution, maintaining healthy pH, supporting healthy insulin response and limiting caloric consequence from the foods.

Most of us have a pretty good idea of what we should be eating and how we should be living in order to build and maintain health.  But a ‘pretty good idea’ is just not enough to make things happen.  The other problem we face is that upon slipping for a meal or a day we often suddenly feel like we’ve let ourselves down.  Too many of us will just quit because we can’t face failing again sometime down the road.  This wallowing is part of the problem.  It just advances the anxiety that for most of us, fuels the unhealthy lifestyle choices at a subconscious level.

As long as 70 % of your daily choices are healthy, the cleansing and health maintenance momentum that we are about to establish cannot be derailed.  You will live by this 70% rule and just allow the less desired choices to accumulate in the 30% junk pile.  When the right choices are made, food volume per meal can be quite filling. One important key to this process is living consciously.  That is, staying as aware in your day as possible about your choices so not to fall victim to those subconscious or automatic choices.

Sample dinner or lunch meal from the Food Guide to come for a person in the 125-150 pound category:

Brown Rice                 1 cup

Yams                           ½ cup

Gr, Y or/& R Peppers 1 cup

Cauliflower                 1 cup

Cabbage                      1 cup

Chicken                       3.5 oz

Olive Oil                     2 tsp

That’s quite a bit of food!  This can be made into a stir fry or plated as different courses.  Seasoning and light sauces as described in the food guide can add the tang and zip you need to make these foods even more enjoyable.  In addition to the right food plan, choose a detoxifying herbal cleanse that can be used on a regular basis to ensure that internal elimination, intestinal flow and digestive health are maintained.  Apply this cleanse monthly to keep toxins, oxidants and metabolic byproducts from building up in the body.  The monthly priming serves multiple purposes.

The cleanse works its wonders at the levels of the mind and metabolism at the same time. As the cleanse makes way for your metabolism to detoxify naturally, the administration of the cleanse is a reminder to your consciousness as well.  It’s a reminder to stay aware in your day-to-day to override the subconscious habits that lead to unhealthy food choices. In other words, as your body is detoxified and scrubbed clean, your mindset is also retuned by the monthly cleanse to get it in line with making the right choices each step of your day, week and month.

Choose a gentle herbal cleanse that can be taken on a monthly basis to help reset body and mind.  Triphala is an effective Ayervedic formulation made up of various fruits that naturally tone liver, circulatory system and digestive tract while helping mobilize and eliminate toxicity.  The proper addition of turkey rhubarb and marshmallow root further supports the cleansing activity of Triphala by facilitating gastrointestinal motility and ensuring that toxins are completely but still gently eliminated.  A formula that combines these active herbs provides more complete activity.

You are responsible for making the time to set in motion your health plan.  Don’t rely on a reactive health care program to take care of your health when it has failed.  The responsibility to prevent premature degradation of health and personal performance is all yours.  Reset mind and body and maintain this new healthier, fitter direction with a food guide that fits the criteria.

A well researched program has been crafted to accompany the ReCleanse nutraceutical cleansing formulae to make your job easier.  This food guide has worked wonders in clinical environments to treat chronic fatigue, improve energy and strength, restore control over body fat management and insulin health, lift brain fog and simply improve quality of life.  In the real world it’s life changing.  Take charge, with ReCleanse to get clean and lean and then stay clean and lean with a proven food guide.

As seen in Vista Magazine